São Bento Monastery - Rio de Janeiro

Exterior of Sao bento monastery

The São Bento Monastery in Rio de Janeiro is a true treasure not usually on visitor´s radar.
Founded in 1590 the construction of the monastery started in 1617 and construction of the church started in 1633.
Address of the Monastery: Rua Dom Gerardo, 68. Centro, Rio de Janeiro.
Open Mon-Fri 07.00-12.00 / 14.00-18.00
Traditional masses are 09.30 on Sundays

Connected to the monastery is "Colégio de São Bento" which is a Benedictine school for boys with a history that dates back 150 years.

Direction to the Monastery
Easiest way to get to downtown is by Metro to stations Cinelandia and Carioca.
To start a general tour of the city - best station to stop will be Cinelandia,
The closest station to the monastery is Carioca station.

To get to the Monastery you have to follow the street "Rua primeiro de março"
until the end where you turn to the left following the street "Rua Dom Gerardo".
If you are walking you can enter in building number 40, where you can take the elevator or the stairs up to the monastery.

If it is closed there or if you arrive by Car or Minivan you enter to the right in the gate for number 68 which is the street number for the monastery. From there you get to the parking area in front of the church which has toilet and facilitated access for people using wheelchair.

Story of the Monastery started in 1590, when priests from the Benedict order who arrived from Salvador got a donation of a large area in what now is area of São Bento.
This Church is one of if not the finest sample of Baroque Architecture in Rio de Janeiro.
For the visitors who enjoy churches with elaborate interior design in golden colors - this church is well worth a visit.
Interior of the Church to São Bento Monastery, Rio de Janeiro
Sao bento monastery

Sao bento monastery
Interior of the Church Conected to São Bento Monastery